The Metaverse

    Create the communities and places of the future.

Imagine your world.

Create what you imagine so blockchain game creators can connect your creations. Let's play and build the future together. 

The Metaverse is an imaginary fabric of social connections floating above Earth, connecting through wormholes, portals and whatever concepts we create. 

In this game, your imagination and creativity are our best tools. Using open-sourced, decentralized blockchain technology combined with creativity, communities create experiences for games, events, social media and rewards. 

Combined with the rollout of digital currencies, blockchain game mechanics empower creators.

Let's play, create, share and thrive together! 

Fly around.

Hop in your spaceship and let's go explore Planets! 


Land, sometimes.

Let's schedule some play time, learn about blockchain and govern the resources of our Planets.